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About the Management

Our Managing Director is Mr. Biju Devaraj, a young entrepreneur from the Indian city of Kannur. His foray into the business field was with the “Health and Fitness Industry”. Started as a simple Health and Fitness consultancy service and gradually establishing its presence over entire Kerala, this establishment ...

About the Company

Caveman Healthcare is novice into the wellness industry, a decade worth of research and observations are involved in the evolution of this revolutionary step towards the well being of human being. A team of experts from the fields of Medicine, Ayurveda, Martial Arts and Yoga had taken the pain to make this venture a success.

What we offer

As an experienced healthcare company, Caveman aids you with all support in starting a new health club and look after the functioning of your club from its interior set up, machine choice, its arrangements and it’s positioning. If necessary, Caveman conducts experts training classes to the instructors.